Sunday, October 27, 2013

Living with Intention: The Beginning

Over the last couple years I have noticed a trend with my friends. Whether on social media or in person, it seems everyone is obsessed with being busy. And looking busy. And having so many plates in the air, they just can't help but let everyone know how busy they are. The busier, the better.

At first I almost envied this busy-ness. You see, I was just a married gal teaching school. We didn't have kids or many commitments outside of work. That meant my life must have been boring. I read gobs of books (my busy friends lamented about wishing they had time to read). I had more than enough time to work out every day after school (my busy friends either didn't, or couldn't, or would have to wake up in the 4s to do it). I took at least one nap every weekend (not my friends, they hadn't had a nap since college). I secretly longed for that busy, full schedule...I wanted to need some huge planner to organize my every day.

I moved back to my hometown and was able to spend more time with the friends I had been watching from afar, and I realized that busy is not better...AT LEAST NOT FOR ME. Lunch after lunch, I found myself having stop-and-go conversations with my friends (and family!) as they answered texts, read emails, and checked out Facebook notifications. It made me feel unimportant. It also made my life seem even more boring. I mean, I had no pressing texts or notifications that required my immediate attention!

And then I had a baby.  A sweet, beautiful, blue-eyed bundle of love. With the first few blurry months of motherhood behind me, I looked up to take a breath and realized just how quickly this dream was going to happen. I felt like I turned around and little Will was a month old, then two. Then five. What?! And all of the sudden, I didn't want to be busy. I just wanted to savor time with him and my husband.

I know there is no way to slow down time, but I can be more intentional with every single second God gives me with my sweet boys. If I focus on each moment we have together, I will be able to look back and have no regrets of missing out on anything.

That is where this journey of living with intention begins.

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