Saturday, October 12, 2013


Lying in bed staring at the ceiling, I become aware of the sounds coming from around me. Snoring...on three sides. I send up a quick prayer of thanks for this snoring. For this snoring, is proof that I'm living my dream.

You see, the snoring comes from the guys in my life. All three of them. To my right is my husband. His snores are so familiar and comforting. For almost fifteen years, I've fallen asleep to the soothing rhythmic sounds of his breathing. A comforting assurance that I am blessed. I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams in high school. We dated for a short forever before we got married, but I wouldn't change a thing. We have been on many adventures together, and there is no one else I'd rather do life with.

To my feet is my dog, Hank. A sweet and very rowdy boxer puppy of 8 months. This not-so-little-anymore dog joined us when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy was long awaited, much prayed for, and so hard. I pretty much felt worse than awful all but about 3 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy. While we were so grateful to be expecting, the constant sickness definitely took its toll on both of us. And then there was Hank. He helped bring both of us out of our funk. He was sweet and feisty and wouldn't let us just come home from work and go straight to bed. People said we were crazy to get a puppy when we were pregnant. Some even said we would be looking for a new home for him once the baby came. But, no. Hank pretty much rocks. 

To my left is my Will. Our precious 5 month old bundle of love. Oh, this boy. I am amazed every day that my heart can love him even deeper. My dad always said I would understand God's love for us so much better when I had a child of my own. And how true that is. Will was born with a cleft lip and palate, which we found out about pretty late in our pregnancy. I was nervous about meeting him, but I fell in love immediately. He has the best temperament, is so quick to give smiles, and his eyes speak to you. He has been through a lot in his five short months...a second hospital stay for failure to thrive/feeding issues, a feeding tube for about five weeks, and then surgery for lip and nose repair. Waking up to his sweet breath and soft snoring makes even this night owl eager to get up in the morning.

I know some people have difficulty sleeping due to the snoring of their bedmate. If I ever find myself in that position, I pray that I can look back and remember tonight. I pray that I will remember that this snoring is proof that I'm living my dream.

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